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BILIMETRIX Srl Trieste - Italy

Bilimetrix, as spin-off of the University of Trieste and partnering with the Italian liver Foundation, an institution of excellence for liver diseases including jaundice, can leverage on unique technical expertise and clinical knowledge by developing an innovative diagnostic device for neonatal jaundice screening and a whole set of product addressing the need of identifying new tools and solutions in the field of bilirubin connected disorders. MQUADRO has developed the point-of-care device called "Bilistick Reader" both in its hardware and software components.

Enerlife srl

Year 2015 - 2016. Cient: company specializing in energy consumption monitoring services for homes and industries. Development of communication and OTA updating procedures for this Master-Slave architecture of wireless sensor network. Mquadro also supported the characterization of the 220 V sensor along with the whole Operative System recovery procedures of the embedded module.


Multinational company providing medical device integration with comprehensive real-time intelligent event monitoring, notification, and management. Mquadro collaborated with Nuvon in the development of the new handheld device (IDM-1000) providing a number of our ARM based CPU modules (M-CPU01).

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