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Who we are

Along with its presence in the tracking & monitoring business (go to “Industrial” website), in 2012 Mquadro started a new branch of activities providing professional services in the development of electronic engineering projects for Medical and Industrial-Environmental applications. We stand as a reliable partner to those companies who are looking at the development, prototyping and industrialization of their own projects (both in the Hardware and Software aspects) to quickly reach market opportunities.

MQUADRO develops:

  • SOM (System On Module) boards Arm9 based

  • Zigbee communication boards integrating CortexM microprocessors

  • Localization modules

  • Power circuits based on Automotive standard specification

  • Patch antennas

  • Wireless communication modules 2G – 3G – LTE and satellite (Iridium in particular)

  • Ethernet 10/100 and USB communication boards

  • Custom boards with up to 10 layers and controlled impedence lines.

With our software of hardware design we can also provide 3D renderings of the finished board in order to verify exact size and dimension of the enclosure.

Software competences

Programmation of bios/bootloader ARM9 atmel based systems

  • SOM Linux Kernel and drivers

  • Design and development linux operating system distribution linux for LSB

  • Embedded microcontrollers programmation for HS08, CortexM0, Cortex M1

  • Wiireless SDK zigbee integration (Freescale and NXP platforms)

  • Firmware and appliances for arm baased embedded boards (with standard and custom libraries)

  • Software Servers (tcp, udp, custom protocols)

  • Database programmations (posgres+postgis, mysql, sqlite3...)

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